A New Marketing Approach: Lipo

Photoshoot for Lipo

One of Switzerland’s largest furniture retailers was trying a new approach to reach a new demographic through influencers for their Black Friday sale. In collaboration with a marketing agency and three influencers with a reach of over 200k followers, Esteban Castle directed the subjects and set the tone for each situation, making sure products were highlighted in an authentic way, in play and in balance with the models. 

Andrina Santoro
Andrina Santoro, Bachelorette 2019, and Kenny Leemann

Additional lighting equipment was brought and used, in particular the F&V Light K4000, a mobile light that puts out over 7200 lux @ 1m and can be powered by a V-Mount battery.

A web portfolio of over 400 color-corrected and edited photos was delivered to the client within one week. The client was so satisfied with the results of this new approach, a second session was promptly booked. 


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April 7, 2020